Playlist of the Day!

The Union is a place where several students come in and out throughout the day. Why not have a playlist to set your mood right? Here are our songs of the hour to set your mood right in the #HottestUnionInAmerica:

8:00AM – “Falling in Love at a Coffeeshop” – Landon Pigg at Starbucks

Early morning? To start your day off with a good note, listen to this soothing song as you sip a latte before your class.

12:00PM – “Danza Kuduro” – Don Omar ft. Lucenzo at FUSION

You have a meeting with your friend before your afternoon class. Why not pick up some stir fry or a set of tacos from Fusion together? Enjoy this worldly cuisine while listening to this upbeat song that will send you on your way.

2:30PM – “Happy” - Pharrell at CORNER POCKET

Your class just ended and you have some down time. Why not shot some pool or play table tennis while listening to this “happy” song? You can dance along as you try to figure out which ball to shoot next!

7:00PM – Listen to whoever is performing that night at STARBUCKS (every Thursday)

Want to check out the talent at SUNY Geneseo? Stop by Starbucks every Thursday at 7PM to listen to live music and performers. Or better yet, why not be brave and perform your favorite hits?

9:00PM – “Requiem in D Minor” - Mozart @ CU134

Have writers block from your 15-page paper tonight? Listen to this classical song to get your creative juices flowing as you think of a different angle to approach your paper!

12AM – “Let’s Get It Started” – Black Eyed Peas @ UNION LOBBY

Done with all your work? Give yourself a reward by doing a celebratory dance to this funky song! Take your dance moves to a GLK event hosted at the College Union where there will be a fun, fantastic, and free event!